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Research Rooms

StudioZoost offers professional interview- and viewing rooms for independent (face-to-face) market research.

Market research is at its best when conducted in a room specially made for it. A central location that has easy access to highways and public transport. A location with many possibilities and rooms for all different kinds of research. And finally, a location where all recording equipment is installed. StudioZoost offers it all! Look at the rooms below. 

Market Research Packages

  • Venue rental, morning
  • Venue rental, afternoon
  • Venue rental, evening
  • Venue rental; morning and afternoon
  • Venue rental, afternoon and evening
  • Venue rental; all day

The location rental includes the following:

  • Use of an interview and viewing room
  • Unlimited coffee, (fruit) water, tea in both rooms
  • Snacks and soft drinks in the viewers area
  • Use of HD audiovisual viewing facilities
  • Use of Ipad to control the camera
  • Use of meeting kit and flipchart
  • Free WiFi

Additional Possibilities

  • Hostess/Host The hours of the hostess/host are calculated from 30 minutes before arrival until 30 minutes after departure.
  • Notetaker The hours are calculated from 30 minutes before the start/after the end of the study.
  • Lunch Sandwiches, salad, orange juice and milk
  • Buffet style dinner Choice of Thai, Oriental, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Greek among others.
  • Recruiting Respondents Let us help recruit the right participants.
  • Interpreter We can provide an interpreter for you, multiple languages available.
  • Interpreter equipment We provide the necessary equipment.
  • Laptop Do you need an extra laptop? We can provide this for you.
  • Live streaming In Amersfoort and Amsterdam we can arrange this for you with our own equipment.

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We have our own (consumer) panel that consists all types of respondents that will fit both quantitative and qualitative studies. We also provide specific (face-to-face) recruitment by our expert interviewers at all types of locations. With this unique concept, you have fresh respondents for your study.

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Specifications StudioZuidoost Amsterdam

  • 2 interview rooms (up to 16 people)
  • 2 viewing rooms (up to 16 people)
  • 1 big space suitable for co-creations (90m2)
  • High-end digital recording equipment
  • Possibilities for live streaming
  • All rooms have enough daylight.
  • A bar for breaks, lunch and conversation but also a waiting space for respondents, with a view over Johan Cruijff Boulevard.
  • Several sitting areas
  • Air conditioning
  • Special room for translator.
  • Wifi
  • 2 lifts
  • Lots of parking possibilities
  • Next to the station Bijlmer Arena
  • Men and women toilets