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Research Rooms

Market research is at its best when conducted in a room specially made for it. A central location that has easy access to highways and public transport. A location with many possibilities and rooms for all different kinds of research. And finally, a location where all recording equipment is installed. StudioZoost offers it all! Look at the rooms below. 

Specifications StudioZuidoost Amsterdam

    • 2 interview rooms (up to 16 people)
    • 2 viewing rooms (up to 16 people)
    • 1 big space suitable for co-creations (90m2)
    • High-end digital recording equipment
    • Possibilities for live streaming
    • All rooms have enough daylight.
    • A bar for breaks, lunch and conversation but also a waiting space for respondents, with a view over Johan Cruijff Boulevard.
    • Several sitting areas
    • Air conditioning
    • Special room for translator.
    • Wifi
    • 2 lifts
    • Lots of parking possibilities
    • Next to the station Bijlmer Arena
    • Men and women toilets

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